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My experience ranges from Lyft Zombie Delivery Services, pharmaceutical ads for medical conditions, Sundance-premiered horror films and dramas, to competing on the SyFy Channel tv show Face Off. I’ve done straight makeup and hair for MasterClass, directors at Pixar (Pete Docter) and the CEO of Mozilla, as well as creative characters for CISCO or huge zombie mobs for CA Technologies with an 18-person makeup team in LA. I’ve worked abroad for features and nationally for commercials and ads.

I specialize in prosthetics application for casualty effects, wounds, and characters and have even transformed NBA player Steph Curry for his Christmas with the Curry's event and brought in the best artists and prosthetics on short notice to transform Ayesha and company. I can create custom prosthetics and character designs as well as streamline your budget by outsourcing for vendor prosthetics.

I work with budgets from $350 for minimal service to $35,000+ for features and team-based productions. We can level all of our best talent and resources for elaborate one-day productions and events or stick with you for the long haul providing staffing, designs and team direction for feature films.

I am available for consulting as well: I can predict the budgets and gameplan for pre-production and production. Consulting can cover anything from script or individual fx breakdowns to advising makeup needs or designing original characters. Knowing how much you're going to need to tell your story and fund your department is critical when you're producing your project.

-Margaret Caragan

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“It’s awesome to work with somebody who’s so stoked and motivated, just excited and always pushing the envelope…she takes it to the next level, really focusing on having everything be as perfect as possible.


The makeup is spot on and the effects are so spot on.”


—  Ransom & Mitchell

Still + Motion Creative Team

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